We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Drip-Fed’s new song “Pez” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming self-titled album, which is scheduled to be released on October 26, 2018 on vinyl through I.Corrupt.Records (Europe) and Coin Toss Records (US), as well as on cassette through Black Numbers.

You can purchase the album here: Vinyl (US) | Vinyl (Europe) | Cassette | Digital

Drip-Fed vocalist Jeffrey Blum commented on the song:

Most of the lyrics for ‘Pez’ were written in the waiting room of a pain management clinic I went to for about two years. It was a pill mill type place. You saw a physician’s assistant for a couple of minutes and they refilled your opiate prescription. No questions asked. The waiting room was always filled with a combination of junkies and people in legitimate need. I fell somewhere in the middle. I suffer from a chronic pain syndrome that doesn’t have a cure, but I was also losing my ability to control my Vicodin consumption. ‘Pez’ was inspired by the conversations I overheard or had with various patients in the waiting room. The addicts always wanted to know what kind of script I was prescribed. Elderly patients questioned what a young man like me who appeared in good health was doing there. I had a couple of therapeutic conversations with other chronic pain sufferers. We had already exhausted all of our family and friend’s sympathy so for 10 minutes we had someone to complain about our pain to. Everyone in the waiting room had one thing in common. We were all there to see the 21st century dope man.

About the band:

Austin, Texas, is known for its ever-growing music scene, especially when it comes to indie, new wave and punk. After bands like The Skunks and The Big Boys helped introducing hardcore punk in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the local scene never stopped booming. Best current example may be Portrayal Of Guilt, who recently managed to impress the younger as well as the older punk generation with their furious style of ’90s screamo.

With Drip-Fed, who share members with Portrayal Of Guilt, Austin brings out another newish hardcore band which started in 2014 and released its first demo the same year. Four years and two EP’s later the now five-piece is ready to show their debut full-length effort to the world.

Drawing influences from classic hardcore and punk bands such as Minor Threat, The Stooges and Black Flag, Drip-Fed create their own blend of the genre by bringing in melodic and upbeat places to the game. From aggressive hardcore punk to bright melodies, Drip-Fed covers a lot of ground appealing to any fan of rock music.

Release Shows:
Oct 25 – Austin, TX
Oct 26 – Denton, TX
Oct 27 – Houston, TX
Oct 28 – New Orleans, LA
Oct 29 – Birmingham, AL

Connect with the band:
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