We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The DTEASE’s new album Shake (listen below), as well as the track by track provided by the band.

The DTEASE - Shake



A super high energy ass shaking song with a great beat and fun lyrics. If you can’t dance to the song you probably should check your pulse…Because you may be dead.


Is a fun catchy punk and roll song about putting all the preachers and politicians in a giant rocket ship and shooting them into outer space and replacing them with love and passion

Into deep

Super catchy song with the hook a mile long about the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses and falling behind in the modern era


It’s a song about fighting oppression and giving your life if need be for a higher purpose

Fuck the world to death

Superfast hard rock in number kind of a motorhead tribute about alien sex fiend from outer space who land on planet earth and spread a virus that causes everyone to have such intense sexual desire that the whole world fox itself to death :-)

Maelstrom MeaCulpa

Perhaps our heaviest song about the reality stress and painful nature of being in a relationship with someone who is heavy into self harm cutting etc.

3 AM

A cynical look at all the devious shenanigans that go down after the bars close hey we’ve all been there :-)


A basic look at the sad corrupt and dysfunctional political system that we currently live under

A little bi

A modern tale of a Bonnie and Clyde type couple and their torrid passionate yet tragically doomed relationship

Big girl panties

A super fun grungy bluesy punk-ish dance tune about stepping out into the darkness and maybe looking around for a little naughty fun we do a great burlesque routine during the live show it’s really fun with the killer hook


A blistering 45 second punk tune about what they might say after I’m gone


A song about dealing with the heavy aspects of having a relationship with someone suffering from borderline personality disorder and how as soon as you get close to them they push you away


It’s a song about realizing that you’ve been used for the last time and are finally able to walk out the door and say with clarity and purpose you know what… Fuck this relationship!

Dirty mattress

A song I wrote while walking down Haight Street in San Francisco.

I walked past this disgusting dirty mattress lying on the side of the street in the gutter and I started to fantasize about who that mattress might’ve belong to and what might’ve happened on that mattress and from that I just may have written the greatest three-quarter rock tune of all time :-)

Cum again

Our closing number and a big thank you for all our fans inviting everyone to please Cum again …😉

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