We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Erostratus’ new song “No Show” (listen below). The band’s vocalist Ben Workman commented on the song:

Most of the song is in 7/4, which gives it kind of a shifty, haunting vibe. It went through some significant changes once we got into pre-production with John. The chorus originally had a very different feel – more of a half-time thing. He had us listen to a Jawbox song called ‘Mirrorful’ as a reference, and suggested we try more of a steady feel through that section, which we all thought really improved it. (Ed especially loved that idea because he loves Jawbox!)

The lyrics are sort of a mash-up – I’m not really referring to one particular person, although I suppose it might come across that way. It’s a combination of the experiences of a few different characters – definitely based on real events, I expect there might be a few people who hear this that will know I’m talking about/to them. (Wild times.) It does feel a little strange to essentially call someone out in a song, but I was attempting to tap into some stuff I needed to get off my chest – hopefully the emotion comes through. I think when you’re really feeling something while you write a song, it always makes it more potent and there’s a better chance that people will connect with it.

About the band:

“All I know is you didn’t show in the place we both said we’d be by this time,” sings Ben Workman, lead singer of Erostratus in the first lines of new single “No Show.”

At its simplest level, the song is about a missed connection. More pointedly, however, Workman seeks to channel his experiences with the people he’s known. Comprised of on-edge arrangements and esoteric time signatures underneath lightly-distorted guitar lines and precision drumming, new single “No Show” focuses his lyrical weavings on experiences from his own life, from failed relationships to the story of a heroin-addicted friend who fell asleep while waiting for a red light to change – a true story that feels almost comically symbolic.

A collective rich in experimentation and collaboration, Erostratus spent three days literally living in a studio piecing together their debut full-length LP. Produced and engineered by John Agnello at the since-defunct Water Music in Hoboken, New Jersey, (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Paul Simon, Tame Impala, Fleet Foxes), their new album acts as the soundtrack to a nighttime walk through the dark corridors of New York City, exploring the streets as it simultaneously examines people and places, themes and dreams and otherworldly spaces.

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September 30 – New York, NY at Pianos

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