We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Extra Arms’ new album Headacher (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released tomorrow, October 12, 2018 through Get Party Records. You can purchase the album here.

The band commented on the album:

It usually works the other way around: you play in a band for awhile and then you feel constrained by that, so you go solo. Extra Arms did it the other way around; we found that after we had started playing together to bring songs from Ryan’s previous album to life that the chemistry was too good to not work on new tunes as a cohesive unit. ‘Headacher’ is a result of this collaborative effort. It’s pissed (sometimes), it’s sweet (sometimes), it’s analytical (sometimes), it’s critical (sometimes), and it’s loud (always). Oh, and it’s catchy as hell. If you are longing for a time when smart lyrics, slamming rhythm sections and crunchy guitars ruled the world, ‘Headacher’ will be your new favorite album and Extra Arms will be your new favorite band.

About the band:

Extra Arms is Ryan Allen (vocals/guitar), Michael Gallacher (guitar), Ryan Marshall (bass) and Sean Sommer (drums). Extra Arms is formerly known as Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms, and Allen used to be the singer/guitarist for Thunderbirds Are Now!.

Headacher is the culmination of four friends collaborating on songs, playing to their strengths, and ultimately writing a record that is as catchy as it is meaningful, as meticulous as it is powerful. Allen’s crunchy power chords intuitively intertwine with Gallacher’s searing guitar lines, and Marshall’s steady low end is the perfect complement to Sommer’s bombastic drumming. Allen’s voice is the glue that holds these 11 tunes together, singing lyrics touching on everything from the political (“Headacher,” “Ends Meet,” “Push the Button”) and the personal (“Honey Brown,” “Under Surveillance,” “You Make the Life You Want,” “The Last One”), to observations on culture (“Done to Death”), and a maturing musician’s place in the world (“Old Heads,” “Til the Casket Drops”). There’s even a song about running (“Why I Run”). You know, like, running marathons (and ultimately towards something).

Headacher was captured at Big Sky Recording by Geoff Michael (who helmed Basement Punk as well) and mixed/mastered at Buzzbomb Studios by Paul Miner (Touché Amore, Thrice, New Found Glory, Joyce Manor, Lisa Loeb – yeah, that Lisa Loeb – and many more). The record slams with the ‘Mats honesty, Husker’s abandon, Superchunk-y energy, and the Fannies melodicism, all played by a band firing on all cylinders.

Upcoming Shows:
10/13 – Headacher Album Release Show @ Cellarmen’s, Hazel Park, MI w/ Touch the Clouds & Reuther
10/26 – Burlington Bar, Chicago, IL w/ SNST (Chris Broach from Braid), Lettering & The End of Music
11/01 – Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH w/ Forager & Fits of Hail
11/02 – Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH w/ The 1984 Draft, Yellow Paper Planes, XL427, The New Old Fashioned, Me and the Mountains & more
11/03 – Big Room Bar, Columbus, OH w/ To Kill a Monster & Life and the Universe

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