We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Fashionism’s new 7″ Come On My Baby (listen below), which is scheduled to be this month through Drunken Sailor Records and Neon Taste Records.

About the band:

Fashionism, a 4-piece punk rock band from Vancouver, BC, Canada, has honed a sound that’s a perfect update of ‘77-school punk and mod revival, channeling elements of ‘60s bubblegum, ‘70s junkshop glam, and Monty Python. They can dance the best of ‘em under the table while looking sharper than anyone in the room.

Since forming in 2013 the band has shared a stage with artists such as The Rezillos, The Briefs, Hugh Cornwell, Kid Congo Powers, The Cribs, and Dead Kennedys.

They’ve released 4 sold-out singles and have two records to be released April 2018 on England’s Drunken Sailor: Smash Singles, a 12-track LP featuring all material from the previously released singles; and a new 7”, Come On My Baby. They are touring in Europe in May 2018.

Tour Dates:
5/09: Helsinki, Finland
5/10: Turku, Finland
5/11: Jonesuu, Finland
5/12: Lappeenranta, Finland
5/13: Tampere, Finland
5/15: Tallinn, Estonia
5/17: Pärnu, Estonia
5/18: Tartu, Estonia
5/19: Riga, Latvia
5/20: Kaunas, Lithuania

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