Dead Broke Rekerds has announced the definitive reissues by Berkeley, California-based punk band, Fifteen – from the ashes of East Bay legends Crimpshrine came Fifteen. “These records changed our lives (here at Dead Broke) and the socially conscious lyrics that touched & taught us in ways punk music would seldom again throughout the years.”

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Fifteen’s remastered song “Intentions” (listen below). You can pre-order two Fifteen reissues (Swains First Bike Ride, S/T EP) through the Dead Broke Rekerds store.

Fifteen formed in 1988 during the tail end of a Crimpshrine tour. They embarked on their first tour in the summer of 1990 with Filth and Fugazi, and recorded their debut EP in April 1990 for Lookout! Records.

Swain’s First Bike Ride is their first full-length album, recorded in December 1990. Originally released on 1991 on Lookout! Records.

“We’ve maticulously kept these reissues as true to the original releases as we possibly could, while the songs have taken on a new life with a 2017 remastering. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Astounding artwork restoration by Hugo Fitzgerald, face-lifted from the original hand-made art.”

Fifteen’s The Choice Of A New Generation LP/CD/Cassette reissue is scheduled to be released late Summer/Fall through Dead Broke Rekerds.

Fifteen reissues 2017

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