Gardenhead photo by John Whitecar

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Gardenhead’s new single “Underwater” (listen below). The song will be available for streaming through Spotify on Friday, August 4th.

Casey Bolles commented on the new project and song:

“I’m starting Gardenhead because I needed a fresh start. I haven’t released music in a while; I’ve been focusing on a lot of other facets of my life. But when I started writing again, I’d been listening to a much wider range of artists and began experimenting with different sounds. Luckily I’ve made a lot of friends through the music scene the past few years, and I wanted a better way to get them involved in the music I’m making. The product of that is Gardenhead. I hope the narratives in these new songs have a more mature perspective than what I was writing before. And I hope people hear something that feels refreshed and new, and while not always happy, at least comforting in some way.”

Since 2013, Casey Bolles has built a solid following through memorable performances, an EP, Freshman, which he wrote while pursuing a degree in Physics in New York City, and a 2016 follow up, Manhattan. Drawing influence from the quirky indie-pop of Say Anything and The Front Bottoms, to the lyrical honesty of Bright Eyes, Bolles’ music is feverish in delivery and exudes a level of passion that pulls listeners in with each verse. In 2017, Bolles returns fresh-faced with a new project called Gardenhead where he’ll further explore the depths and breadths of his music.

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