We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Geist’s new Disrepair EP (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released through Wooaaargh on September 22nd. You can purchase the EP here: Geist | Wooaaargh

The band commented:

Disrepair is a record that is written lyrically from someone who has day to day struggles with mental health problems, more specifically anxiety and depression. There are not enough open platforms for someone to speak out about these issues without being slapped with a stigma, and told or questioned that you’re not just feeling a little bit sad. I touch on subjects I feel are relevant today more than ever. Ranging from more medical aspects such as prescription drugs and counselling, through self-esteem exploitation and pressures, to feelings of wanting to commit suicide. The bluntness used in the lyrics was to paint a clear picture that there’s a lot more depth to having mental health problems than feeling a little bit down, or a little bit off. But, I also touch on elements of mind control and being more susceptible to certain ideals by being hooked on a placebo that sufferers are given. It’s a cop out and a complete disregard to that person’s well being (in my opinion) to feed them drugs to make it all go away. Coming back on itself, there is not enough understanding because the easiest, most cost effective answer is to hook someone on drugs and hope their problems go away by becoming numb to them.”

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