“When I wrote this record, I allowed myself to fully recognize that we are all born to lose. That is the reason why we need to keep loving as honestly and as hard as we can. Hate is easy to indulge in such a fucked up world. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to pick a fight with anyone because you’re genuinely angry or misunderstood.” – God Bless Relative frontman Blake J. Tallent

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of God Bless Relative’s album You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on June 15th.

Tallent continues: “When you listen to our new record, I hope you remember or even feel inspired to love….especially when it’s hard. Therefore, to anyone that’s reading this, I hope you live a life full of understanding and empathy. And I hope you receive favour.”

About the band:

The brainchild of many-a-sleepless night while navigating 2017’s insanely geopolitical state, You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return is set to emerge as God Bless Relative’s most rewarding record to date.

Says frontman Blake J. Tallent: “The past year proved to be fatalistically scary for so many people including myself. Anxiety ridden, it was hard to often leave the house in fear of some tragedy happening in the grocery store or coffee shop, causing me to stay inside away from the world and feeling helpless like there was nothing I could do to make a positive difference. That’s where these songs came from. As I was getting ready to record – Luke Seager, Lee Hicks, Dustin Price, and myself would constantly bounce ideas off of each other for how the songs could be approached, initiating God Bless as more of a communal focus rather than it be my solo project.”

Officially transitioning into a multi-layered full-band experience, God Bless Relative is again led by Tallent – anchoring a project that began with last year’s EP, The Bay of Gordon | The South, a debut which received praise from Myspace, Immersive Atlanta, BalconyTV, and more.

Teaming up with Lee Hicks and Kiko Negron (producers of the band’s 2017 debut), You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return was captured last October in Chicago – home to many of the band’s influences in Wilco, Andrew Bird, and the great Muddy Waters. Tracked live to tape, You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return promises to achieve a transformative and timeworn authenticity in line with the band’s inspirations over the past tumultuous year.

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Top photo by Adam Lee

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