We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Greater Sirens’ new album Unnatural Causes (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on June 1, 2018.

Greg Andresen of Greater Sirens commented:

‘Unnatural Causes’ is our first full-length album, and also our first release that was totally self-engineered and produced. Recording on our own allowed for more experimentation and resulted in a more personal finished product that sounded exactly how we wanted. We spent a lot of time in the studio creating different sounds and layers with everything from cheap toy keyboards to analog synths, and from power tools to a 100-year-old Steinway piano. We were aiming to create a tone that was playful and upbeat, but also eerie and haunting at times. Although the lyrics are often impressionistic and cover a variety of topics, there are some main themes tying them all together: disillusionment that comes with aging; blind acceptance of empty traditions; loneliness and isolation; and finally, death and the supernatural.

Upcoming Shows:
June 1st // Oakland, CA // The Uptown
June 23rd // Oakland, CA // Soundwave Studios
June 29th // Oakland, CA // Stork Club
July 21st // San Francisco, CA // Make Out Room
August 3rd // Albany, CA // Ivy Room
August 29th // San Francisco, CA // Milk Bar

About the band:

In 2007, Greg Andresen recruited his brother Tim to drum on some home recordings he’d been working on, in which he experimented with using a bass guitar like its more versatile six-string counterpart. From that simple idea, Greater Sirens was born.

The choices that have led the Bay Area indie rock group to where they are now have been an organic process, with changes being made out of necessity. Deciding they could benefit from a conventional electric bass sound to anchor Greg’s more chordal playing style, the Andresen brothers taught old high school friend and trumpeter, Matt Whitbred, to play bass. After an ad at a local music store led to the addition of guitarist Steve Taylor, and a work colleague, Bobby Savre, joined the band on keys, the group was set.

Unnatural Causes is Greater Sirens’ debut full length. Named for the eerie vibe they set out to create, Unnatural Causes is a refreshingly unique approach to an often-sterile genre. Incorporating their twin bass guitar sound, unconventional percussion, and more toy keyboards than could fill a toddler’s playroom, there is an experimental edge to the 10-track set that works in tandem with its pop core, making it a great album for both casual and close listening. The choice to self-produce may have cost the band some extra studio time, but the resulting collection is bound to be remembered as a personal and professional success.

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