We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of H_ngm_n’s new EP I Don’t Wanna Go Home (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released digitally tomorrow, November 30th, through all major digital distributors. The album will be physically released n 2019.

We talked briefly with Chris Childs of H_ngm_n below, so be sure to check that out while you’re streaming the EP.

Hey, what’s the back-story? Tell us about H_ngm_n, who you are, how you came to be and what you’ve been up to until now?

H_ngm_n is James & Chris, we’re a two-piece band from Brighton who blend pop hooks with emo/punk music. We met at uni and started a band about 8 years ago, and when that band came to an end, we decided to jam some stuff just the two of us. Since then we’ve put out our debut release Lions, Tigers & Velociraptors, a vinyl split release with Larkhill and a double single with Scylla Records last year. We’ve toured the UK & Ireland & have recently been on tour in Europe with Chris’ other band All Better. Having hit the studio this Summer, we’re very excited to be releasing new music!

We’re exclusively streaming your EP today! CONGRATULATIONS & HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Tell us about the record and any lyrical themes.

Thanks! It’s the first new music from us since January last year so we’re very excited to be releasing I Don’t Wanna Go Home via the lovely lot at Real Ghost Records. We recorded the 4 tracks with Daly George at The Ranch in Southampton, and I guess I’d say the overall lyrical themes tough on the pressures of getting older and getting your life together, pessimism, depression & having an addictive personality. Whenever I talk about the lyrics, it sounds so miserable, promise it’s not all doom and gloom though! I feel like it’s definitely more of a mature sound, but doesn’t steer too far from our upbeat energy from previous releases.

Musically, who are you influenced by and who are you stoked about in the UK scene right now?

I guess immediate influences to our music would be All Get Out, The Hotelier, The Dangerous Summer, Citizen, stuff of that vein. I promote shows in Brighton as my full time job so I get to see a lot of great bands all the time. Some of the bands smashing it in the UK right now, I’d have to say Don’t Worry, I Feel Fine, Penthouse, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Muncie Girls, Brightr, Ducking Punches, Murderhouse, to name a few. So many smashing it at the moment! I’ll shamelessly throw my other band in there too, All Better ;) THEY’RE WELL GOOD.

What’s next for you boys?

So we have a few really cool things to announce for the new year, obviously we’re just stoked to get the EP released & as many people listening to it as possible! But let’s just say we’ve got loads of sick shows lined up for 2019.

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