By walking the fine line between the melodic and the intense, Providence garage rock trio Harvey Garbage & The Flowers have a sound that’s uniquely individualistic. There’s a mix of old school doo wop, sludgy guitar riffs and unbridled energy. Their brand new Numbskulls EP is being premiered in New Noise Magazine today and it’s a prime example of an aesthetic that you don’t see a lot of when it comes to underground music. It’s also the band’s first release since drummer Mikey Apples and bassist Chuck Perry joined up with frontman Cody James. The new release is genuinely a fantastic example of a happy musical marriage between rawness and vibrancy.

“These songs have been years in the making for me, so this full band sound just knocks me out,” James says on the making of the EP. “ Chuck and Mikey cannot be thanked enough for the effort & wholehearted involvement. I’m glad to hear these tracks like this, in all its floral glory. We recorded it in a 10 hour session on Saturday January 6th in the Olneyville section of Providence. Chuck produced it and it was also the coldest day in Rhode Island history, hence the name “Numbskulls”.

The harmony displayed in “U Rat Bastid!” between Cody and fellow Seatbelt member Amelia Rose is symmetric while the energy exuded is contagious. “Whiteflag Donzo” is a badass punk song that has James acting like a wildman with Apples’ drumming serving as electrified glue. It’s a hard-hitting track that howls along with being an intense type of rock. The leading bluesy tune from the EP is “Dog Grave” while also adopting a bit of glam rock topped off with some fuzz. With a vintage tone and danceable rhythms, “Refused” is a kind of song that’ll get a party popping off in an instant.

Tonight at the News Café in Pawtucket, Harvey Garbage & The Flowers will be ringing in the release of their new EP with a stacked bill in tow. Boston garage rock duo Mr. Airplane Man, fellow Providence shredders Atlantic Thrills and New York City atmospheric pop act Pure Horsehair will be rounding out the bill for what should be a rad way to spend a Monday night. Obviously, don’t forget to grab a copy of the Numbskulls EP while you’re there. It’s heart on the sleeve rock that’s bound to leave a positive impression.

Top photo by Jacqueline James


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