We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Heal’s new album No Love / No Light (listen below), which has been officially released today, November 10th. You can purchase the album through Bandcamp, as well as all major digital distributors.

Ryan (vocalist) of Heal commented on the release:

“‘No Love / No Light,’ is an album that comes from a very dark place: depression, anxiety, complacency, loss of love, and loss of self are the core themes of the record. On the surface, it is a very negative misanthropic, but I believe it is more of a cathartic record and I hope others will see it that way too. Musically, we wanted to do something different from what other bands in our area were doing and also create music we grew up on and thought wasn’t being represented in today’s current climate. As far as Tone goes, we wanted to create a very dismal and emotionally heavy record, and luckily, Greg Thomas at Silver Bullet, saw our vision right from the beginning, and helped us shape and create what we wanted and so much more. We are very proud of this record and hope others will enjoy it.”

“We’re very into bands like The Carrier and Killing The Dream. I think we paid some homage to them in certain aspects of the record. If you really sit down and listen to it I think people will pick up on other artists we were influenced by, anywhere from Hum, Nothing or Deftones to quick One King Down talking parts. It’s all very subtle but we made it all work into one record, but that’s for the listener to decide.” – Victor

“When I started writing lyrics for Heal, my main goal was to be as self reflective as possible. I always resonated with art/music that said something about the person or people making it and wasn’t just created for the sake of creating.” – Ryan

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