We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Henriette B’s new single “Bravery” (listen below).

“We’ve always been interested in finding the perfect blend of power, melody and technicality,”” says Vincent Simonin (guitarist), “we’re taking real care to see our music evolve but still want to feel that each song is imbued with our collective character.”

Henriette B will be playing their single release show tomorrow, May 19th, at the BFM in Saignelégier, Switzerland.

About the band:

Hailing from Tavannes, Switzerland the metalcore quintet have previously played alongside the likes of Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Unearth, Miss May I, Texas In July, Anthrax, Breakdown Of Sanity, Dagoba, and Benighted, whilst also appearing at festivals such as Impericon Festival.

Henriette B hold nothing back. Channelling their combined psyche to deliver a raw, focussed, and melodic take on modern metalcore, their suitably explosive new single ‘Bravery’ combines an unyielding foray of styles and influences which unite technical and visceral instrumentation with moments of transfiguring elevation. Taking influence from artists such as August Burns Red, ERRA, Phinehas and Polaris, the band are still able to leave their own signature mark on the record.

Henriette B have matured into a devastatingly efficient unit, ‘Bravery’ is an impressive example of the band’s ability to balance different dynamics, highlighted by original drum patterns, incisive riffs, powerful melodic lines and anthemic vocal hooks, the whole track blossoming as their most significant work yet.

Henriette B been biding their time to ensure every track is crafted with meticulous precision, and it shows. As an introduction to the band, ‘Bravery’ is as consummate as it is divergent and is the perfect example of the bands passion and fervour. If you have heard them before, the band you will return to is fiercely melodious and incendiary than ever, whilst also being proficient and scrupulous. If you haven’t heard them, here’s your chance.

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