We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Humans Etcetera’s new song & lyric video for “Exam” (watch it below). The track is taken from his forthcoming album Intelligent Skeleton, which is scheduled to be released through Nefarious Industries on October 13th. You can pre-order the album here.

Humans Etcetera commented on the song & album: “Well, the album hovers around the idea that in death we might reach some ultimate wisdom. ‘Exam’ tells the story of a dead person asking to take a test to prove he/she has gained this wisdom, and wants to come back to life.”

Humans Etcetera is an experimental rock outfit founded by West Virginia native, Christopher Henry, also a member of Fuck Your Birthday, and formerly of Clean Dirty Clean. The outfit’s output unifies ‘90s alternative rock and post-hardcore and modern experimental rock elements into a mellow but engaging mix of styles and influences within the album’s forty-minute lifespan.

Intelligent Skeleton was written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered in Wenzhou, China by the outfit’s American-born creator, Christopher Henry, who performs all vocals, drums, guitars, bass, synth, sampling, and sequencing. The album also features tambourine by Cai Qing 蔡清 on “Vice” as well as piano by Huang Yalun 黄亚伦 and guzheng from Zhang Guogao 章国杲 on the song “Gravebody,” and is completed with an original cover drawing by Zhu Weikai 朱为凯.

Intelligent Skeleton marks the first Humans Etcetera release with Nefarious Industries, who will issue the album digitally on October 13th along with a special limited run of 25 pre-order bundles containing printed materials – 10 stickers in 5 unique designs, a digital download card, an 8×8 poster with cover art backed with lyrics/notes, and handwritten letter of thanks.

Humans Etcetera began in 2012 as a Christopher Henry experimenting with recording software, and in its early years, released two EPs (Wet Toe Mistake and This Water Ghost Can Change Like Candy) and two LPs (Scatter Bomb, and The Night Used To Be Young). In the fall 2015, Humans Etcetera recruited Alan Bentley on drums and Takeru Abe on bass to form a live band to support the project’s third LP, Pointless Squares. The trio’s musical chemistry and friendship ignited a flame of inspiration which yielded their forth full-length release, Headlining.

The trio disbanded shortly after in the summer of 2016, when Henry signed a two-year contract to teach ESL in Wenzhou, China. To help cope with being alone in foreign city, Henry wrote, recorded, and released two EPs (乐家, and Exit Parachute Via Bear), and three LPs (Crammed And DistortedRed Tape, and Cold Summer Tongs) all by December of 2016. This left Henry exhausted and questioning why he’d spent such a great deal of time making music by himself. Taking his time in 2017, resolving to focus on quality over quantity, the soloist crafted the project’s eighth full length release, Intelligent Skeleton.

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