Indiana based quartet Everything We’re Not is a band with a simple mission statement – to play music that they love. We’re happy to report that the music they play is also something WE love – a compelling mix of emo, pop-punk and alt rock brimming with musicality (and clever, witty lyrics).

Their newest song “Let It Go” (out today) pairs them up with legendary Say Anything vocalist Max Bemis and proves why this band is an act you need to keep an eye (and ear) on – we dare you not to get the chorus stuck in your head.

Jam the song below, and scroll down for an exclusive New Noise Magazine interview!

“Let It Go” is a great introduction to your sound – we’re hearing lots of pop-punk mixed with some more alt rock influence. Who do you guys feel inspired by when you’re writing?
Well we all kind of listen to different stuff. I’d say our biggest influences are The Maine, Say Anything, and The Early November. We’ll listen to anything from Blink 182 to Juice Wrld though!

Max Bemis sounds amazing (per usual) on this song. Did you guys write the tune with his voice in mind, or did the collaboration take shape more organically?
We wrote the song with his voice in mind actually. When we got his part back and plugged it in, it became more of a building block, and we changed a lot of the song structure to really push it to the forefront!

You’re clearly a band that needs to be experienced live. Any plans for streams or other sorts of opportunities for your fans to see you in more of a “live” setting?
COVID is definitely a plan killer. We plan on doing a livestream here in the next couple months! We miss playing live so much and want to make it something as fun as watching us live in person.

Dumbest / funniest / most dangerous / most illegal (within reason..) tour story. Go.
Not a tour story but during an early iteration of the band, we couldn’t agree between the names “breaking the balance” or “inside out” (neither of which we picked, obviously).. We decided we’d call the White House (yes, that one) to break the tie. The operator ended up picking up and threatened to put our number on a list for the Secret Service if we called back.

Any bands from your area or pals you’d like to shout out?
Shout out to Stop.Drop.Rewind, Farhampton, and The Region! These are definitely some of our favorite local artists in the area! They’ve all got newer music you should check out!

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