Jet Black are streaming their song “All is Wrong” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album L’Ère du Vide, which is scheduled to be released on August 24, 2018 through ODT Records (CAN), I.Corrupt (EU), and Skeletal Lightning (US).

The band commented on the song:

‘All is Wrong,’ the new single taken from our new ‘L’Ère du Vide’ LP, is the acknowledgment of capitalism’s failure from a human perspective. Similar to the album’s general theme, this song crystallizes the visceral desire to escape from a world stuck in a downward spiral, despite a sense of generalized powerlessness.

About the band:

Formed in 2008 in Quebec City, Jet Black is composed of Francis Berthelot (guitar), Jean-Philippe Laforge (drums), Philippe St-Laurent (guitar and vocals) and Stéphanie Vézina (bass and vocals). L’Ère du Vide (2018) follows In Paradox (2014) and Escape Measures (2011), both produced and released independently. For the release of their third record, Jet Black joins ODT Records (CAN), I.Corrupt (EU) and Skeletal Lightning (US).

Lead single “All is Wrong” comes out of the gate with scorching feedback wails, before descending into a visceral reverb heavy riff. But this band aren’t merely shoegaze floaters. These riffs rip the threads of time. ‘All is Wrong’ pulsates red hot instead of arriving in pillowy cloud form. Sharing many traits with the mighty under-appreciated Swervedriver, the production could come straight out of one of that band’s classic early 90s records. This is a different beast from Creation era shoegaze. This is herculean shoegaze. Distorted, effect heavy riffs reign supreme, while pounding, almost motorik drums, lock the track into a relentless groove. The shimmering vocals put you into a trance, off setting the quasi proto-punk/alt-rock with glorious space rock indebted melodies.

Jet Black are almost a cross section of all reverb fueled genes. But at the same time, their first wave shoegaze influence is countered by their own unique, idiosyncratic personality. This is what sets ‘All is Wrong’ apart from mimicry. There’s a true sense of worship in their approach, but Jet Black are never so resolute in their devotion to evolve in their own direction. Let “All is Wrong” swell to a sublime proportions, at a volume that’ll have it ringing in your ears for days.

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