Teenage emotions are unpredictable and bewildering. It’s so easy to replay negative experiences and memories over and over again, analyzing what you could’ve done differently. But at the end of the day, you learn to move on. Rather than overthinking things, Pittsburgh’s Jimmy Mayo tackle their frustrations head-on in their debut self-titled EP.

We’re excited to premiere the band’s latest release: a collection of songs that show the band know when to bare their teeth and when to simply sit and think (listen below).

The band’s self-titled EP radiates with a youthful energy, but carries itself with a mature self-awareness. Jimmy Mayo’s interpretation of midwest emo balances a jangled guitars with a fierce attitude. Vocalist Alex Martin swings back and forth between a tired howl and throat-frying scream. Mark Kowalcyzk (drums), Dylan McElrath (guitar), and Evan Kadan (bass) follow Martin’s lead flawlessly, offering a dynamic range of sounds and emotions across the record. “Self Reflection Part 2” captures this dynamic turn well, seamlessly rolling from a mellowed breather into a scalding, skramz-tinged outro.

Though they’re still young, there is a thoughtfulness to Jimmy Mayo’s self-titled EP. The band stumble into very personal territory with their music, but do so with little hesitation. “Everything on this record is about something I’ve gone through in hopes to grow myself and to help others,” says Martin. As long as one piece of this helps someone else, then I feel like I’ve succeeded in what i want to do.”

Jimmy Mayo carry themselves with a confidence and self-awareness that makes every note glimmer with hope. Their self-titled EP carries an emotional weight to it that is not only relatable, but reminds us that all things pass with time.

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March 14 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
March 19 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Cafe Verona

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