We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Kat Meoz’s new single “Here I Wait” (listen below). Meoz commented on the song:

“‘Here I Wait’ came from a dream, I heard a slowed down version of the instrumental hook and vocal melody as I awoke. I recorded a voice memo immediately so it wouldn’t leave my head and laid in bed reflecting on the cloudy dream that was already trying to leave me. It had undeniably tangible vibes of longing, angst, and a hope that a best romantic friend would come along sooner than later. For a year or so I played out live the slowed ballad version of the song. I got a pretty cool live recording of that but ultimately I wasn’t sold on the arrangement. On a rare rainy night in Los Angeles I convinced a drummer to jam with me at his lock out in North Hollywood. I had been itching to make noise and was in between having a lockout or a drummer of my own, we started playing and I sped up the instrumental hook to lightning speed. It took on a new energy, I always play it last at shows because there’s no ceiling left after that final scream. ‘Here I Wait’ is absolutely my favorite and the title track on the new EP because of its instrumental hook; the way it starts as a ballad then quickly turns into a noisy tornado of garage rock blues bliss.”

Kat Meoz (formerly known as GRIT) has found a truly solid combination of quick guitars, devil-may-care bass grooves, and thrilling drum-work which holds on and doesn’t let go. She has remarkably clean vocal chops yet her voice rides effortlessly in this band’s garage rock air and exudes an infectious energy which you can’t help but enjoy. The band’s song “LA Don’t Love You” feels like a classic; a well-worn jacket that gets better with time. “LA Don’t Love You” is a Rock n’ Roll experience, tastefully hued with bluesy moments yet it is a definitively high voltage delivery. Further proving the talent that comes out of LA, her live performance is as energizing as their new single.

Kat Meoz has wide spanning musical experience, from playing for both Gibson and Blackstar Amplification at NAAM, to composing/producing for films such as The Dust Storm. Her music has has been compared to Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, The Pretenders and Brody Dalle, yet she possesses a unique air in her vocal delivery that brings Sleater Kinney’s Corin Tucker to mind too.

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