The Knells photo by Scott Friedlander

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Knells’ new song “Sub Rosa” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Knells II, which is scheduled to be released through Still Sound Music on November 10th. You can pre-order the album here.

Andrew McKenna Lee of The Knells commented on the song:

“The literal translation of the Latin phrase ‘Sub Rosa’ is ‘under the rose.’ The phrase is generally used in English to connote secrecy or covertness. The song is essentially an anthem to our most precious resource as human beings – time – and the idea that we should make the most of it, since we never know when our final moment might come.”

“Sub Rosa” offers a lesson on appreciating time and letting go of the past amid an upbeat arrangement, and features soprano Nina Berman, mezzo Charlotte Mundy and alto Blythe Gaissert, along with guitarist and composer Andrew McKenna Lee, guitarist Paul Orbell, percussionist Jude Traxler, drummer Jeff Gretz and bassist Joseph Higgins.

Expanding on their debut, which received attention from The New York Times and The New Republic, among others, the album further refines their music, which reflects the dynamic, formal, and harmonic intricacies of classical music with the rhythmic energy and expressive vitality of rock. The new collection of songs focuses on seeking emotional absolution beneath their dark-hued facades.

About the band:

The Knells were born during Andrew McKenna Lee’s eight-hour solo hiking expedition in Joshua Tree National Park in May 2010. He took his admiration for music ranging from medieval vocal polyphony to mid-80s pop/rock and hardcore, and fashioned a project all his own. The members of The Knells are individually active as performers, composers, and studio musicians, having played Carnegie Hall, (le) Poisson Rouge, festivals including South by Southwest and Hopscotch Music Festival, and participated in engagements with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera.

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