Laces Out photo by Steve Veyga

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Laces Out’s new song “Will To Become” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming self-titled EP, which is scheduled to be released through Nefarious Industries on July 28th. The EP will be available on all digital platforms, as well as a special edition 7″ limited to 50 copies. You can pre-order the album here.

The band comment on the track: “We had a lot of fun writing out our frustrations in this song, so go bang you head on something while listening, and get yours out too!”

Laces Out Track Listing:
1. Will To Become|
2. Bugs
3. Fortunes
4. Kritzinger’s Warning
5. Under The Cover

Laces Out sounds like licking dirt with tiny granules of sugar scattered throughout. Hailing from Orange County, New York, the band features members of Warwick-based post-punk quintet Pigeon, as well as acts Mandark, Veneer, and others. Drummer Steve Delucia and guitarist Ed Ciarfella have been playing together in various projects for nearly fourteen years. Longtime friend and local scene veteran Ray Wasnieski joined the duo in Pigeon, and continued onward with them in Laces Out.

Dynamics and angular progression drive their sound, which is heavily influenced by noise from the ‘90s. Listeners can expect trace elements of Fugazi, Unwound, At The Drive In, Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans, BVS, Young Widows, Drive Like Jehu, and Nirvana from their songs.

Laces Out offers of their debut EP, “We decided to write five songs in order without scratching one track. In fact, it was as if we finished song one and went right on to write songs two through five; the order in which you hear the music is the order we wrote it in. This was our challenge to ourselves as writers: could we manifest an EP song by song and be happy with the outcome? The answer was ‘yes,’ and more so than other projects, in which we spent countless practices scratching and rewriting. It was super fun writing these songs together this way, and we hope this is heard when listening to it.”

Laces Out was recorded live at Boom Stick Recording in Monroe, New York, engineered by Jeff Rendano, produced by Rendano and the band, mastered at Nada Studios by Eric Costello, and finished with artwork by Joe Hallmark.

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