Lava Dolls recently finished making a record independently with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies). The EP is called Little Secrets and was recorded entirely to tape (no computers), mixed, and mastered in less than 4 days at Electrical Audio in Chicago. One of the tracks from this unreleased EP recently took 1st place in the International Songwriting Competition’s Unsigned Category (16,000+ entries from 137 countries). Lorde, Tom Waits, and the late Chris Cornell were among the final judges. The new single “The Lucky Ones” presents the band in a raw, unfiltered light, and the song is all the better for it. The sparkling melodies still shine through, catapulted by the relentless rhythm section. The song finds that perfect balance between rock n roll swagger, and an infectious sing along. Timeless, just like the recording process.

The band commented on the new song:

‘The Lucky Ones’ is a schizophrenic party song for the Everyman. A ‘get up and give ’er’ battle cry for those down but not out. It’s quick and dirty, like life. Intended to be played at maximum volume, or at least loud enough to drown the voices in your head.

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