We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Lee Corey Oswald’s new album Darkness, Together (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released tomorrow, October 12th through A-F Records. You can purchase the album here.

Chris #2 of A-F Records commented on putting out the release:

This Lee Corey Oswald record is perfect. It is. There will be endless comparisons to nostalgia of ’90s shit like Weezer – ‘Pinkerton’ or The Pixies, but these songs are so modern, they feel familiar for sure, but also like nothing you’ve heard. My role was small in helping the band achieve their goals, just a few things to help them trim fat and get to the substance of their songwriting, bringing in Justin Francis to mix, and teaming them with Doug Dean to find a visual connection to the music. There is this overarching theme of loss, especially on Lee’s songs, he goes to a dark place and the loss of his sister for much of the songs he wrote, this is something he and I had in common and could empathize with, that feeling that never goes away, and you never want it to because it connects you to such an important part of your life. Marry that with Dan’s tracks and the positivity in his voice, a song like ‘Free Stuff’ about that failed foyer into the Warped Tour world, it’s this fantastic balance. I couldn’t be prouder of my friends for writing these songs and their fearlessness in sharing them with the world.

About the band:

Lee Corey Oswald is an alternative rock band from Portland, Oregon. Originally formed in Scranton, PA in the heart of the NEPA basement scene’s salad days, Lee Corey Oswald blend crunchy, seismic riffs and catchy melodies with heartbreakingly heavy lyrics to create their own unique take on early Weezer-esque ’90s power pop.

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Top photo by Dan Stanton

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