We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Lengths’ new song “Tired of Waking Up Dead” (listen below). Chad Swaner (aka The Lengths) commented on the song:

It’s mostly about being blinded and seduced by the routines and noises of the physical world. Waking up and realizing the your trapped in your own daily dead zombie being… and then deciding if your going to leave it behind for the adventure that life can be.

About the artist:

Raised in the deserts of the west, inspired by the mountains of the north, enchanted by the landscapes of the human heart… and now just trying to turn a little of that magic into music. Meet The Lengths, the musical collaboration between Chad Swaner’s left and right brain.

Having scribbled lyrics on paper scraps and napkins since the age of 12, Swaner has realized his creative possibilities with the release of Waking Up Dead, his debut EP. Described as a “frustrated, lamented mockingbird” by the artist himself, the title-track is a catchy ode to his muse with sultry riffs and equally sensual vocals.

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