We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of I Like Allie’s new song “Go Out There, Get Super Powers And Live Your Dreams” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s self-titled release, which is scheduled to be released through Real Ghost RecordsPunisher Records on October 23rd. You can purchase the cassette here.

Tell us about I Like Allie.

We’re a band from Milan that plays heartfelt punk rock. The band started out actually as my little acoustic project but I really wanted to develop it into something bigger, louder. As a full band we just love playing shows, especially the ones with interesting and weird line ups and also working on new songs.

We’re streaming a song from your upcoming release, tell us about it.

This is a song that we currently love playing live and that will most probably appear in its own full blast/full band punk rock version on our next release. We’re really happy with how it turned out for various reasons. It has a very intimate feel and so it’s really different from how we play it full band.  It’s one of the first songs we’ve worked on with Luca and it’s actually the first song that we recorded with him on guitar. I think spontaneity and trying not to overthink things also makes it special. I arranged the song with Luca just over a couple of nights at our practice space and improvised some back up vocal ideas with Fra directly in the studio. Fun times.

Are there any strong lyrical themes running through ILA’s works?

I usually write about events, friends or stories that I’ve been told that leave an impression on me. But also about thoughts that cloud my head and that sometimes bum me out. There’s definitely a lot of nostalgia in my lyrics. Probably because I miss the people or moments I write about. Go Out There kind of touches on these themes since it’s about some friends that were in these amazing long term relationships that I always admired and seeing them then all kind of unravel. It’s also about me being naive thinking that stuff like this should never change.

What’s planned for the future?

We have really cool tour plans that we’ll be announcing very very soon in support of the cassette! After that I want to finish up some songs that are almost done so I think we’ll focus on writing new material and continue working on songs for our next release.

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