We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the Lord Salamander / Garm split (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on June 23, 2018 through Data Room Records. You can purchase the split here. Cover art by Andrew McGranahan.

About the artists:

From the tweaked out bozo-wasteland of Southern California comes the schizo-tonal-musings of two sub-dimensional fuzz-beings. Early in their embryonic development, their unnatural rhythms should be barely audible, yet, screeching through greasy layers of malignant flesh comes the stabbing flow of sonic energy.

Lord Salamander rends your ego in two with it’s eclectic grooves while Garm drives on ceaselessly, like a dryer with a brick thrown in it till it tears itself apart. Together they form one highly unstable slab of wax, definitely not FDA approved. Pressed on void black and electric blue vinyl, you won’t want to miss this fresh-as-it-gets release from Data Room Records.

Band Members: Lord Salamander
Benjamin Simon : Guitar, Vocals
Willem Kernkamp : Guitar
Wyatt Brenner : Bass
Skyler Dulaney : Drums

Band Members: Garm
Nick Riviere : Guitar
Daniel Luna : Guitar
Diego Ibarra – Bass
Josiah Velador – Drums

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