We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Luiz Bruno’s new album Everything’s Fine (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released through Take One Records.

About the artist:

Luiz Bruno is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who began playing from an early age in Porto Alegre on the southern tip of Brazil and now graces the UK shores since his arrival in 2013. He played with psychedelic bands in London and toured solo under his moniker “I Know I’m An Alien”, performing at Fat Our Festival in Manchester, among others. Leaving the alter ego behind, Luiz Bruno now turns to the sound of 80s drum machines, adhering to the tones and aesthetic of that time as well as adding elements of psychedelic rock.

His shows are unmissable as his mad genius style gallivants across his soundscapes with the help of drum machines, synthesizers, bass loops and his unique atonal guitar sound. An exciting 4 piece band is being put together to bring the new album to life on stage.

Luiz Bruno’s music is avant garde but at the same time danceable and accessible to all. Luiz Bruno’s genre is the “Psychomequie”, created by him to describe his own music. The name comes from the union of the words “psico” (or “psyche”) and “comé que é?” which means “what was that?”, in Portuguese.

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