We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Lulls’ new single “Not Bad” (listen below).

About the band:

Rutger Ansley Rosenborg is an outsider looking in. Ryan S. Miller is an insider looking out. Friends since second grade, the two have played music together from the age of eight on.

Rutger, brunette and brown-eyed, was born on a lake in Guatemala to a Swedish father and a Salvadoran mother. Though he moved to the States when he was young, he’s never really felt entirely American. He finds himself drawn to the cities that might make him feel like he is.

Ryan, blonde and blue-eyed, was born in Southern California to an all-American family. He’s traveled the world from Bali to Panama, searching for what America can’t offer.

Rutger and Ryan comprise the core of The Lulls, an LA/NYC-based band formed in 2015. In 2016, the pair embarked on a two-month national tour after releasing their debut album, “Island of Daughters,” on vinyl. In 2017, they holed up for a week in the Idyllwild mountains to demo new songs with guitarist Max Montana Idas. Earlier this year, they recorded three new singles in a cabin in upstate Connecticut before flying back west to play SXSW.

With their shimmering sound, The Lulls aim to encompass the whole of America—black to white, dark to bright—through poignant, irreverent, and empathic storytelling.

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Top photo by Evan Schell

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