We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Lumes’ new album Envy (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released through CrazySane Records on October 6th. You can purchase the album here.

If The Lumes’ debut EP Lust found them looking in a reflection, their upcoming mini-LP Envy represents that reflection staring right back at them. Gone are the lush atmospherics that typified the Rotterdam-based trio’s sordid, pitch black protopunk. These days, The Lumes proudly flaunt their blemishes like the scribbles, cavities and cracks etched into a wall of granite. The shoegaze leanings that marked the group’s formative years have evaporated, and what’s left is a corrosive, claustrophobic terra firma where only misfits find respite and reprieve.

Make no mistake, The Lumes wholly embrace and relish their predicament as genuine misfits, instead of running away from it. The band’s manic creative force Maxime Prins is even more affluent in his arresting howls of anguish. Lennard van der Voort’s skulking bass throbs and Mitchell Quitz’ discordant drum incursions make The Lumes sound like a band in the midst of devouring itself.

This self-immolation isn’t motivated by destruction, but by a warped sense of esteem and vanity, owning up to the innermost feelings, no matter how ugly or perverted they get. The Lumes are now fully familiarized and comfortable with their inner darkness: their loose-cannon outbursts are more precise, more deliberate and, ultimately, more resounding than ever before. Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

Upcoming Shows:
October 6 – Rotterdam at V11 (Release Party)
October 7 – Arnhem at Brigant
October 13 – Amsterdam at OCCII
October 21 – Groningen at Vera Downstage
October 25 – Den Haag at SuBmarine – Grauzone Festival
November 4  – Berlin at Internet Explorer w/ Melt Downer, Yoga [Facebook Event]

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