We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Mattress Food’s new single “Burn Yr Idols” (listen below). The band commented on the song:

‘Burn Yr Idols’ is basically an indictment of toxic behavior – racism, homophobia, toxic masculinity, transphobia, etc. It was written in 2017, in response to the wave of sexual misconduct allegations of well-known figures. I think that we need to seriously re-evaluate the past and the way it has been viewed and taught, and I like the idea of rebirth through fire, like a phoenix (shoutout Harry Potter).

But I am also wary of people thinking that WE then deserve that power, hence the chorus – ‘We’re not saving the world today.’ I don’t want anyone to put their faith in us, but to put their faith in themselves, and realize that if they have a voice that hasn’t been heard, the world needs to hear it.

Upcoming Shows:
July 7 – Brooklyn, NY
July 8 – Lancaster, PA
August 19 – Philadelphia, PA
August 24 – Philadelphia, PA

About the band:

Mattress Food, originally the project of singer/songwriter Sami Rahman, has grown into a full band with the additions of Wallace Gerdy, Paul O’Connell, and Adam Figurelle on lead guitar, bass, and drums, respectively. Channeling the melodic, anthemic instincts of bands like The Replacements and The Strokes, but with the melancholy of British pop music à la New Order and The Cure, Mattress Food is here to kick your ass all over the place and then help you up so it can be kicked again.

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