We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Medistation’s self-titled EP (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on April 20, 2018 through Fuzz Club Records. You can purchase the EP here.

Medistation is a brand-new alt-rock/noise pop project from The Orange Revival’s Eric Strand. Another addition to the ever-expanding list of artists from the burgeoning Stockholm scene, the project has been in the pipeline since 2014, when Eric began to record tracks that were never to be released. Fast forward to the present and Medistation is finally seeing the light of day, in the shape of a self-titled debut EP packed full of visceral noise that sounds like the best band that Creation never signed.

Medistation channel the sluggish razor-sharp guitars and commanding vocals of the Mary Chain with glimmers of ethereal noise-pop that falls somewhere between the gospel-psychedelia of Spiritualized and Primal Scream before Gillespie discovered acid-house and amphetamines at the turn of the nineties. At times Eric’s shimmering, melodic guitar leads cut softly through walls of noise, meandering along at a gentle, rolling pace but on others serving a white-knuckle blast of scuzzy garage-rock that every now and then veers into expansive psychedelic wig-outs of screeching feedback and wild guitars.

Constantly engaging and immersive, the project is an outstanding creative effort, with Eric having played almost all of the instruments himself. He did rope in the brilliant Jake Garcia (The Black Angels) for backing vocals on ‘Pool of Blood’, along with other appearances from Cobain Modeste (The Buttertones) on drums and Max Groundstroem (Samling/Valp) on grand piano.

Eric’s other project, The Orange Revival, have established themselves as key players in the European psychedelic underground, and with a full band in the works in preparation for a string of live shows, Medistation looks to be heading in that direction too. This debut EP is a reverberating, melodic and inspired statement from one man with a seriously enviable aptitude for songwriting.

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