“‘Atmosphere’ is one of two songs on the record that we’d been touring leading up to the studio, besides Stranger and Motorin’, which were already on October’s Stranger EP,” commented Miesha & The Spanks. “We definitely had fun recording it because of that. We had our whole sort of bratty dance moves in the chorus ‘oh ohs’ dialed in pretty tight.”

“With ‘Atmosphere,’ I’m writing about how great it is when you’re early falling in love and it’s still sort of a secret and no one’s business and nobody else even matters. That’s one of the funnest times in love! I’d written the music first, which isn’t often how it goes for me, so the story needed to match a sort of sing-a-long power-pop chorus and sexy finger wagging riff.”

Loud, sweaty, sweet rock n roll- Miesha & The Spanks are two of Calgary AB’s busiest road junkies. Miesha Louie (guitar/vox) and Sean Hamilton’s (drums) brand of garage rock sits somewhere between the timeless jam of The Runaways and scrappiness of The Gits, with just enough influence from 50s girl-group romanticism to catch a case of pop sensibility.

They’re explosive together on stage, and their upcoming album Girls Girls Girls, produced by Paul Rawson and Danny Farrant (of The Buzzcocks) promises to put that on record. Miesha & The Spanks are at their best spilling out of their van and onto a stage after a real long drive.

Their new single “Atmosphere” exemplifies this attitude. Guitars blare out the speakers, with the drums pummeling the listener forward, all the while the infectious hooks rain over you. The track’s filled with glorious harmonic distortion, rising to a true clap along chorus. If this doesn’t wet your appetite for their upcoming LP, well you’ve probably lost your mind, marbles, and possibly all your cognitive abilities. “Atmosphere” is everything you’re looking for in a loud rawk track.

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