In the middle part of 2018, members of Los Angeles bands Such A Mess and Left Astray teamed up to form Model HomeGetting inspiration from the ’90s Midwest emo with a hint of the current “revival,” the band put in the hours to write their debut self-titled EP that will be out this Spring.

Today, we bring you the first single off Model Home’s debut EP titled “Cool” (listen below). Here are some words from the band’s singer and guitar player, Mark Reynolds about the track:

‘Cool’ is one component of the EP about loss. This song is about essentially watching a part of your life change, recognizing that you are powerless to stop it. Sometimes life happens to us, regardless of how much control we think we have. “Cool”, is a recognition of the inevitable, world-shattering change that leaves you questioning who you are going to be afterwards.

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Follow the band on Instagram: @modelhomeca

Photo by Joe Calixto
Photo by Joe Calixto

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