We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of mothmother’s new EP \’pe-se-,mi-zem\ (listen below), which is scheduled to be released soon through Bitter Melody Records.

This EP deals with sexual assault and some of the lyrics could be potentially triggering for survivors. mothmother vocalist Cera Callahan commented:

“The purpose of the mothmother EP is to tell the story of the pain and torture I have felt throughout the years from the tragedy that was forced upon me at a young age. I wanted to take this unfortunate event and turn it into something that could help others in the sense that they wouldn’t ever feel as alone as I did. I’m telling my story in the hopes that people realize that they aren’t alone and to inform and educate others about the detrimental state that comes with being a survivor of rape.”

One dollar from every cassette and any item (item must cost more than a dollar) ordered with this cassette will be going to P.A.R. (People Against Rape) which provides free counseling and resources to survivors in South Carolina. For example, if you buy this cassette, a 7″, and an LP, they will send 3 dollars to the charity. You can order the cassette or CD here.

mothmother is a band from Charleston, South Carolina and started playing shows in November of 2016. mothmother quickly began making rounds with shows in the region through word of mouth and went to Legitimate Business to work with Kris Hilbert on a debut EP. The mothmother sound employs bits and pieces of a variety of musical backgrounds but shares common ground with interests and influences such as Oathbreaker, Trap Them, Dead in the Dirt and Full of Hell.


WVRM - mothmother shows 2017

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