We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Nameless Frames’ new EP Already Inside (listen below), which is available now through Super Secret Records. You can purchase it here.

Justin Main of Nameless Frames commented:

These are songs that we recorded right after we got off tour. We were really tight for once, so we wrote some more complex stuff and wanted to push it a little. Side A is the heavier side. Ryan (the drummer) picked up the guitar and laid down some parts that he thought were really wanky, but everyone else liked them so we kept them in there. See if you can spot him! Side B has the more hook heavy songs. They still take some interesting turns though. We added keyboard and acoustic guitar to the title track to up the pop-appeal, but since both of them were cheap pieces of shit they basically got buried in the mix. So much for that. The gang vocal on the chorus stuck though!

About the band:

Nameless Frames are a punk trio based in Austin, TX, formed around 2014. With members representing a slew of local punk bands, including Love Collector, The Zoltars, Smithers, The Fells, and French Inhales, the group sounds like early waves of English and Australian punk crashing into the trash-covered shores of Texas.

The Austin Chronicle reviewed the band’s previous album as follows:

“Putting a fever dream into record form, the frenzied, garage-punk self-titled debut from Nameless Frames burns. “Exploitation” grapples with an unnamed enemy, echoed by both “Control” and “Garbage Can,” which employ paranoia and dark, fantastical imagery to explore a post-civilized society. “Too Late to Lose” sounds a lot like the way Austin feels right now, skewering yuppie transplants plaguing a slew of “cool” cities across the United States. “Is it too late to lose my mind?!” asks Justin Main repeatedly, shouting, his voice that of a man who’s about to lose it, a frustrated, frantic energy he delivers on every track.”

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