We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Neo Noire’s new album Element (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on May 5th via Czar of Revelations. You can purchase the album now through iTunes or on CD / LP, as well as stream it through Spotify on release day.

Neo Noire guitarist/vocalist Thomas Baumgartner talks about different aspects of the album. See what he had to say below the stream.

On the beginnings:

In late 2015 Fredy Rotter (Guitar/Vox) and Thomas Baumgartner started to fool around with writing songs together. And because the two long time friends share an apartment together, the first few songs were literally written at their kitchen table. Thomas: “The first songs we wrote and working together overall felt more than promising to the two of us and this is when things started to kick off. We checked out some guys to complete what now is Neo Noire. And with David Burger (Drums) and Franky Kalwies (Bass) we found two excellent musicians who share our musical vision perfectly well.”

On producing Element:

“It really took a while to get things in shape. Fredy and I are not the kind of guys who are pleased very fast with the things we do, so we always kept on working on the songs. You can call us control freaks – and maybe this is true… There are so many little details in the guitar layers or vocals on this album that we sometimes got lost in our own vision. We always followed the path of creating something that sounded and felt great to us. When we finished the song ‘Walkers’ in spring 2016 we simply wanted people to hear it and released it online on some streaming platforms. The reactions were more than promising and great and pushed the band further in many ways. But to be honest, at that time in 2016 we didn’t expect that it will take another year until the release of the album…”

On bringing back the beauty of the guitar solo:

“It simply is a lot of fun, especially since solos are so very unhip and old school nowadays. For me, it’s a more natural thing and I always enjoyed to play solos. But in the beginning I had to convince Fredy to do so as well, because he’s a great solo player but he didn’t see it that way and always underestimated his abilities. We’re just happy, that in the reviews, our guitar work is pointed out in many positive ways!”

On the concept of writing songs:

“There is so much more to explore when playing music than just this one road that fits you well. It’s about opening up your ears to what the other ones in the band want to express with a song and not just follow one vision. There is a age difference of nearly 20 years within this band and this is when things start to get interesting while creating a song for Neo Noire. And like in many brotherhoods, this process includes some fights and arguments but spices up things at the same time.”

On sharing vocals and lyrics:

”Fredy and I share the vocals on this album. This concept is not very popular but it feels very refreshing to us and totally defines the Neo Noire sound. When we captured the spirit of the song in its beginnings one of us just took over naturally. It was never a question of who will sing a certain song, it just happened. The lyrics always came after this transition. Fredy and I have a very different way of describing things lyrically. But in the end our complex of themes are very close and we always sing about very personal and sometimes hurtful experiences…”

On the name Neo Noire:

“I really dig the Neo Noir movie genre and its striking use of light and shadow and unusual camera placements. I felt kind of the same about the first few songs we wrote for Neo Noire and so I came up with the idea of naming the band Neo Noire. For me, the name also expresses the feeling of a new beginning. A new black can be any color. This explains very much the way I feel about it.”

On the future:

“Expect many things more to come from this band. We’re so proud of this album that we can’t wait to play it live. And we will take every opportunity to do so in us many places as we can…”

Upcoming Shows:
12.05.2017 – Basel, Switzerland at Kaserne w/ Hathors
13.06.2017 – Saarbrücken, Germany at Garage w/ Suicidal Tendencies
21.06.2017 – Aschafennburg, Germany at Colos-Saal w/ Suicidal Tendencies
16.11.2017 – Madrid, Spain at TBA
17.11.2017 – Seville, Spain at Sala Even
18.11.2017 – Malaga, Spain at Eventual Music
25.11.2017 – Auggen, Germany at Raumstation Sternen

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