We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of NevBorn’s new song “Daídalos” (listen below). Daídalos is the band’s forthcoming one-song EP, which is scheduled to be released through Czar Of Bullets (International) and Cold Smoke Records (Switzerland) on September 27th.

You can pre-order Daídalos here: Czar Of Bullets | Cold Smoke Records

Releasing their debut album in 2015 on Hummus Records after a few demos, NevBorn is a band from west Switzerland that has never stopped to evolve, change, and expand. Now composed of five different but determined minds, their music is inspired of numerous types, such as no one has never succeeded in defining them in one and only one word. Many tried though: “NevBorn’s music is a heavy/ambient amalgam… with neatly layered instrumentation that evokes all kinds of sonically emotive provocations…” (Metal Discovery, 2015), “…Five Horizons (…) with its bright and abrasive melodies that combines post sounds (hardcore, metal and rock) in an
optimal way” (The Pit of the Damned, 2015), “NevBorn might have started a musical trend without realizing it” (Core and Co, 2015).

Twisting listener’s senses by mixing emotions of all kinds, NevBorn has become more aggressive than ever. Betting on style-alternating patterns, they have worked hard the past year to finally reveal their new project they signed on both Cold Smoke Records and Czar of Crickets.

Daídalos is a one-track concept EP based on the myth of Icarus’ death. Featured by Loïc Rossetti (The Ocean), they imagined and recreated the conversation between Icarus and his father, Dædalus, in the legendary Minotaur maze. The 18-minute piece transmits all the emotions of both heroes’ history, from pure anger to complete ataraxia.

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