We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of New Me’s new song “Any God” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut 7″, which will be released through Bleeding God Records.

The band commented on the song:

‘Any God’ is a playful poke in the eye of organized religions of all forms, espousing my sincerely held humanist-agnostic beliefs – that the great faiths of this world have only inhibited humanity’s potential for growth and divided us, that faith should make you a more powerful, independent person, not a subservient one fearful of a wrathful creator, and that the absence of a god does not mean the absence of faith, but the freedom to develop your own understanding of the concept. To create a more universal moral and ethical code of conduct in line with the present. To be, simply, you. There was never any god to argue.

About the band:

New Me is a dumb pop band from California whose name is as aspirational as it is deeply sardonic. The group, consisting of members of multiple well known San Diego acts (including queer wave group Spooky Cigarette, and jazzy surf punk outfit Los Shadows) have played a handful of the notoriously raucous and unruly DIY shows the South Bay of “America’s Finest City” is rapidly becoming known for.

New Me’s debut release highlights lead singer/songwriter Barnabuss Chump’s diverse & unique “left of center” approach to pop songwriting. Featuring the sugary, frenetic garage rock of A-Side ‘Something Green’ & the smoky, falsetto laden synth groove of B-Side ‘Any God’, the single is an apt introduction to the bombastic, blown out hooks of New Me.

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