We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Between Now And Forever’s new album Burdens (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially self-released on October 22nd through all major digital distributors.

The band commented on the release:

“We really wanted this EP to connect with the occurrences in our personal lives. Everyone has their own personal battles they are going through. To us, ‘Burdens’ is the truest expression we can portray. There’s anger, self-doubt, relationship problems, and substance abuse from the past. Anyone going through turmoil, or anyone who has overcome significant struggles can relate to this EP. Those people can connect with our message, our stories, and our music.

We are extremely proud of the outcome, and the fact that we can document these times in our lives. We are happy to be moving forward. It’s a really honest EP, and we hope people will relate to the authenticity of it. Only time will tell, and so far the response from the few singles we’ve released ‘My Sanity’ and ‘Too Far Gone’ have been great. Jon Folino at Insightful Recordings/Animal mixed and mastered the EP. He does a incredible job with anything he touches. We can’t wait to see how people react to the rest of it. Now we just want October 22nd to get here already!”

Between Now And Forever is a metalcore/rock band from Upstate NY. Fused together by hard hitting riffs and infectious choruses, the group bridges a gap for fans of heavier music and rock music alike.

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