NY In 64 photo by Kimberly Tam-Rheam

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of NY In 64’s new song “50 Lbs of Ash” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album The Gentle Indifference Of The Night, which is scheduled to be released on May 26th through Magic Bullet Records. The album will be available on  translucent blue vinyl and all digital platforms.

You can pre-order it here: Vinyl | Bandcamp

NY In 64 guitarist Chris Alfano comments:

“For roughly a year and a half or so, NY in 64 has been in a long-distance relationship. Our bassist, Tom, moved to Albany, NY from New Jersey, but we were determined to keep the band going. ’50 Lbs of Ash’ was the first song we wrote in full after transitioning to a new way of doing things, which involved sending recordings back and forth and then cramming things into longer weekend sessions when we were able to get all four of us in the room. So I remember being especially happy with the way this one turned out – not just because it covers so much ground (from quiet and creepy, to us at our heaviest, to triumphant harmonies), but also because we wrote one of our best songs in spite of working around new logistical challenges. So uh…high-fives all around, I guess?”

New Jersey-based instrumental hardcore outfit NY In 64 presents their expansive second album, The Gentle Indifference Of The Night.

The follow-up to 2015’s self-titled debut documents NY In 64 pushing their sonic template to new heights, realizing an even more refined and uniquely inspired style of instrumental hardcore aggression. The hooks are bigger, the musicianship has broken through the ceiling, the dynamics are deeper and far more textured. The album’s guitars and bass were recorded by Chris Alfano at Volume Fact, the drums and additional guitars recorded by John Ferrara at Portrait Recording Studios. The record was mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio, and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, and its layout completed with photography by Justin Hock and layout by the band and Brent Eyestone. With six new movements, The Gentle Indifference Of The Night is a triumph of an album that truly sounds like no other.

NY In 64 unites current and former members of New Jersey bands, You and I, The Assistant, Capacities, East Of The Wall, The Postman Syndrome, Argonauts, El Drugstore, This Ship Will Sink, Black Kites, and others, the band founded by Justin Hock and Thomas Schlatter, who were both part of cult ‘90s screamo band, You And I. After taking a fifteen-year hiatus from writing music together, the two began laying down the framework for this new outfit, recruiting Chris Alfano and Seth Rheam, both veterans of many acts, most notably current members of East Of The Wall. Barren of vocals, the band’s music seamlessly melds the vibrant, youthful vigor of punk and hardcore with challenging and provoking elements of progressive and post-rock, injecting the energy and enthusiasm of a basement show into a more refined musical composition.

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