We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Old Sport and Autumn Creatures‘ new split (listen below). The split is scheduled to be released digitally on October 13th, as well as physically through First Base Tapes.

Both bands are from Colorado and make music within the umbrella of post hardcore/post rock. This split represents a change in the lineup of both bands, being Old Sport’s last recordings with original bass player Andy Manaster and Autumn Creatures’ last recording to be released with their original drummer Christian Gutierrez.

Autumn Creatures band 2016
Autumn Creatures

Formed in 2011, Autumn Creatures is a music ensemble from Colorado that aims to embody the oppression of human emotion through instrumental music and narratives. “Alone” was written around the culture shock from Autumn Creatures first international tour in Japan. Autumn Creatures is currently writing their next release.

Old Sport band 2016
Old Sport

Old Sport is a post-hardcore band that formed in 2014 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Following their 2015 LP To Give these two songs will be the last featuring their original bass player Andy Manaster.

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