Chicago dwellers Oscar Bait have followed up their debut EP Become Good with an eclectic, thrashy, post-hardcore collection of songs on their new EP Pro Skater 2. Filled with influences from Iron Chic, Snapcase and Drug Church, the band are polishing their sound with the help of local sound engineers at Atlas Studios and IV Labs Studios. The group have come a long way since their first EP as Pro Skater 2 is a most definite sing-a-long EP with “I Do America” as the best bop. Check out a statement from the band, and stream the new EP, below.

“If Become Good was a brisk walk or a light jog, Pro Skater 2 is a dead sprint. We decided after making a full-length out of the gate we really prefer the EP format because it allows you to really lean in on a specific sound and set of themes for a shorter, sweeter time. With that being said, in terms of the subject matter the songs here are mostly fast and furious treatments of a bunch of different uncomfortable, stupid, or sentimental situations I’ve been in over the years, and the overthinking, teeth gnashing, and various dull aches that they’ve brought with them. Musically, we wanted the record to be both sickly sweet and jarringly aggressive, much like the Jeppson’s Malört we consumed so much of while writing and recording it. The name is equal parts a big dumb joke and shameless pandering to aging Millennials everywhere. Our name is Oscar Bait after all. At the end of the day, we enjoy playing fast and pretty rock music, and we hope you enjoy this latest little shot of that.”

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