We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Parrot Dream’s new album Light Goes (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released tomorrow, August 24th through Good Eye Records.

The LP finds the band tackling themes of love, lost connections and devil-may-care desires set in hills and plains of an enveloping dream-pop/psych sound. Light Goes is a fully realized album experience set to accompany and enhance whatever mood you may want to indulge and lose yourself in.

Stream Light Goes below and stick around for an interview with the band. You can buy Light Goes on standard and limited edition Blood Red translucent vinyl and/or add it to your streaming playlists here.

Can you tell us a little more on who you are and how you first got into making music?

We (Kiki & Gonzalo) started in the band in Santiago, Chile. Gonzalo has been in bands since he was a teen, and Kiki played piano –  we started playing music together and then eventually formed the band with two friends. After moving to NYC, we reformatted the band a bit, and our current lineup includes Matt Sklar on bass and Don Lavis on drums.

What’s your songwriting process like?

Generally, an idea will either come from a jam while in practice, or just playing around at home. Then the next step is to try to develop it and build a structure with it, around it or through it.  Some become more fleshed out songs, while others fade or are salvaged for parts.

What was your inspiration behind writing Light Goes?

This album was written mostly during the time we were transitioning from Santiago to Chile to NYC, and definitely draws on the experiences we have had trying to build a life here. It’s inspired by change, by loss, by injustice, by relationships.

Who are some of your biggest influences/favorite artists?

Broadcast, Blonde Redhead Siouxsie Sioux are big influences for sure. Carla Azar (of Autolux) is one of our favorite artists as well. Pretty much all of our big influences are women artists.

Back in 2013 you made the move from Chile to Brooklyn, how has that transition been?

Since moving here in 2014, the transition has been fulfilling though challenging for sure.  Musically, it was great to have access to all sorts of opportunities right from the start, and we’ve met many amazing, supportive people and awesome bands. At the beginning it was difficult coming to a new city where you don’t have friends to invite to your shows, and you don’t know many people involved in the music scene. It definitely took us a couple of years to build those connections and relationships, which we think are one of the most valuable parts of playing shows, connecting with people in some way.

How does the music scene differ between the two places?

Santiago’s indie rock scene is smaller for sure – there are also less venues, so there are less opportunities to play. But because of that, it can be a bit easier for people to find out about your music. NYC is quite the opposite of course; it’s full of opportunities to play and tons of artists pursuing the same goals.

Any new artists/venues/purveyors of the arts you could turn our readers onto?

No Swoon is a local band we really love right now.

Where can we follow you and where can our readers catch you live next?

You can follow us on Instagram, and find us on all the platforms. Our next show is our album release show this Friday, 8/24 at Union Pool with Dances and The Natural. After that, we’re doing a short tour – we’ll be at a house show in Brooklyn 9/8, Providence 9/12, Troy 9/13, Burlington 9/14 and Philly 9/15.

Any parting thoughts? Open platform!

Say hello and talk to people – talk to strangers and listen.

Connect with the band:
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Top photo by Stephanie Griffin

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