Perennial is a three-piece noise punk band from New England, featuring members of past Topshelf Records bands Lion Cub and Aeroplane 1929. Influenced by the manic garage rock of Nation of Ulysses and The Coachwhips, the soul music of ’60s Stax and Motown, and the rhythm-focused post-hardcore of Dischord Records, the band has just completed their first full-length, titled The Symmetry of Autumn Leaves.

“Early Sounds For Night Owls” – a radical reworking of a song from the band’s first EP – is a track from that forthcoming album. Featuring Chelsey Hahn on vocals and matching 60s garage-rock organs to post-punk discord, the song is an early glimpse at the stylistic adventurousness of Perennial’s upcoming full-length debut. Give the song a listen below.

Keep an eye on the band’s Bandcamp and Facebook for pre-order info.

You can also catch Perennial opening for White Lung this Sunday, October 16th at The Outer Space in Hamden, CT. Tickets available here.


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