We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Primitive Race’s new song “Take It All” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Soul Pretender, which is scheduled to be released through Metropolis Records on November 3rd. You can purchase the album here: Physical | Bandcamp | iTunes

About the band:

Assembling numerous musicians from across the globe, Primitive Race founder Chris Kniker has showcased a diverse and aggressive style that immediately set the underground music scene ablaze in 2015; presenting a varied sound that has signaled Primitive Race as a new beacon for creation and collaboration the likes of which have been missed since the heyday of the WaxTrax! era.  Primitive Race made its debut with the Long in the Tooth EP, heralding the return of industrial/rock icon PIG.  It wasn’t long before the full-length self-titled debut would follow, presenting an even more varied sound that featured guest appearances from members of PRONG, Stayte, Pop Will Eat Itself, Combichrist, and Sex Gang Children.  “The first album was a canvas to explore many different elements,” states founder Chris Kniker, “It allowed me to come up with a concept and take from the parts I felt worked well and leave some of the other bits behind.”

Now, Primitive Race is ready to embark on a new musical adventure with the group’s second album, one that will prove to be as dynamic and as varied as the first, but with a more focused and organic approach – Soul Pretender! Spearheaded by the core lineup of Kniker with Mark Gemini Thwaite and Erie Loch, and bringing on a new complement of guest collaborators, Soul Pretender marks a natural progression from the band’s first incarnation – a more straightforward, tighter effort that draws on more of an alternative rock sound. This new approach leaves the door open for continued exploration and a more expansive sonic space, unmarred by artificiality or studio magic excess; it’s not an overly polished “perfect” album, reflecting the human element of the performers. “Having MGT and Erie there to round out the group and bring their sound in was always central in my mind,” according to Kniker, with Thwaite’s driving guitar tone to add depth and that extra level of fury to the songwriting trinity.

Among the newcomers on Soul Pretender is former Faith No More front man Chuck Mosley, bringing what Kniker calls “this gritty yet soulful style of punk rock to the mix.” Of Mosley’s versatility, Kniker continues, “He can get to this incredibly deep low range that I don’t think people even realize,” creating a balance between bluesy soulfulness and his more signature brand of punk sensibility. Also joining the ranks is Melvins drummer Dale Crover; “I love Dale’s style – the big toms and the powerful snare hits. It was perfect and it brought a whole different tone, energy, and vibe to the songs.” Brought onboard due to his association with Primitive Race collaborator Mark Brooks, and engineered by longtime Melvins associate Toshi Kasai, Crover performed his contributions over the course of a single weekend, lending to the album’s immediacy and virulent rock & roll energy. Already having performed remixes for Primitive Race, Joe Haze lends his mixing talents to Soul Pretender, Maor Appelbaum returns to once again work with Primitive Race following mastering of their 2015 debut; Appelbaum’s presence is a perfect fit for the album given his experience with Mosley, remastering Faith No More’s “We Care a Lot,” following his work on the band’s “Sol Invictus” and bringing that distinctive alternative rock edge to the album.

Soul Pretender promises to be the record that Primitive Race fans are waiting for – a more cohesive effort than the debut, but no less exploratory and just as loudly magnetic, drawing in a wider audience that loves music to electrify their senses!

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