We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors’ self-titled album (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on November 19, 2018 through Inner Ear Records. You can purchase the album here.

Prins Obi commented on the release:

This is a journey from the outside to the inside, in the process of which we are partying, exorcising demons, recapturing romantic moments, loving (again) glam and hard rock, exonerating miserable situations and wandering around Greek and foreign psychedelic valleys.

About the band:

Prins Obi is the moniker of Georgios Dimakis: musician, pharmacist and member of Baby Guru. Together they have released four official LPs (Baby Guru, Pieces, Marginalia and IV), one mini-album (Sunshine Special) and 5 digital EPs and they have performed live in Greece, Europe and America (Eurosonic, CMJ Music Marathon, Europavox and more).

He has produced the debut album of KU, Feathers and co-produced its follow-up (Ganja). As a duo they have recorded an improvisation project entitled And Tomorrow Again under the name ΧΛΟΗ (khloe, Greek word for grass). In addition to these, he has participated as a guest on the solo album of King Elephant, on “Sudden Death” by Blend aka Mishkin and on the homonymous LP of No Man’s Land, serving as a member of the band for a period. Last but not least he was a member of the band Duke Abduction who released their debut album The Curious World of Duke Abduction in 2010.

In December 2013, his digital EP Love Songs for Instant Success was given as a free download, while in November 2014 his first solo album, entitled Notions, was released from Inner Ear.

In April 2017, Prins Obi celebrated Record Store Day by releasing a special, limited-pressing sophomore album, entitled The Age of Tourlou. A project of multi-sided philosophy and at the same time a tribute to pop culture. An album about the collapse of ideologies and mockery of the modern Western world, but also the necessary lightness that a man has to seek at certain moments in order to cope with the unbearable weight he is bearing. The album has been played live with the help of The Dream Warriors. Together they have recorded his third album Prins Obi & The Dream Warriors.

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Top photo by Eftychia Vlachou

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