Photo by Liz Osban

We’re pleased to bring you the full stream of Reproacher‘s new album Nature’s Bastard, which is being released on June 3rd through Crown and Throne Ltd. Pre-orders are available now here.

Nature’s Bastard was recorded & mixed by Andy Patterson and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The album artwork was done by Fernando Peña at Celldeth.

Reproacher is a four-piece band from southeast Wyoming. Insulated from more diverse cultural hubs, Wyoming is home to a unique, but always active metal and punk scene. The band formed in early 2010, and since then has developed a sludgy hardcore style with influences that range from math to noise rock, effectively creating their own brand of loud and punishing chaotic hardcore.

Reproacher has harshed out ear drums across the country with their intense, abrupt sets through extensive tours with the likes of Primitive Man, Plebeian Grandstand, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, and others. After two limited full-length releases and a cassette-only EP recorded by Andy Patterson, they released a split 7” with Of Feather And Bone, recorded by Dave Otero and released in 2014 through Denver label Crown and Throne Ltd.

In summer 2015, Reproacher returned to Salt Lake City to work with Patterson once again on a long-awaited 10-song LP to be released this summer via Crown and Throne.  Nature’s Bastard is a representation of more than five years of diverse influence evolving into a darker, heavier, more-focused sound. Built on a sludgy foundation, this album expands on elements of hardcore and shoegaze while keeping with the raw, harsh spirit of noisy punk rock.  For best results, play loud. Extensive touring plans are in the works for late 2016, as the band continues to defy hearing specialists in the propagation of noise.

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