We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Reptoid’s new song “Dead Planet” (listen below). The track is taken from his forthcoming album Scum Supreme, which is scheduled to be released through Cool Room Records and Barcop Records on August 24th.

Jordan of Reptoid comments:

“Making music the way I do in Reptoid is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done musically. I have an arsenal of gear at my disposal but only four limbs to control it all simultaneously. I don’t get to just freely play drums, the drumming has to be structured in a way that triggers the rest of the sounds. I’m essentially attempting to condense a 3 or 4 piece band into a single member. The limitations of making music this way feels like a leash that just gets tighter the more I tug on it but the music and the performance have essentially become the tugging and what was once a restriction has become the final result. It has stretched my limits creatively and physically to become Reptoid and an entirely different creature has been created in the process.”

Scum Supreme was recorded and mixed by Jordan Sobolew in Oakland, CA. Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East Mastering. The EP will be released on 7″ vinyl, as well as digitally through all major digital distributors, including iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.). Pre-order here.

Reptoid began in 2013 after completing a US tour with the noise-punk two-piece Reptilian Shape Shifters. The band split itself across the country, leaving the lone Reptoid, Jordan Sobolew, to assemble an army of homemade electronics and begin the experiments that would yield the most musically abrasive results from a single member. The live experience is loud, intense, noisy and weird. Despite being just one man, everything is performed live and without the aid of pre-recorded material. Drawing influence from the likes of  Lightning Bolt, Zach Hill, Melt-Banana, Jesus Lizard, Future of the Left, Arab on Radar, and Nine Inch Nails, the result is a noise-rock aneurysm that keeps its grip on the victim without delving into pure noise. After releasing a tape EP in 2014 and touring the West Coast, Reptoid plans to spread its sickness across the US with the release of 7” EP Scum Supreme.

While the theme of the entire band (on its outermost shell) is that a race of shapeshifting reptilian aliens from another dimension is secretly controlling our society, the songs on this EP are largely based around visions of this planet after humans have had their way with it and destroyed it, which almost certainly is an inevitability. It also flirts with the possibility that humanity’s downfall could come from an outside, superior race of beings that could exploit the planet for their own goals. These themes are transmitted via drums oscillating between spastic, driving and hypnotizing rhythms, drum-triggered synths and samples drenched in fuzz, an oversized pedal-board full of odd devices, and affected vocals though a mic strapped directly to the face.

Tour Dates:
August 24 – Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull
August 25 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
August 26 – Denver, CO @ 7th Circle
August 28 – Dubuque, IA @ Monks
August 29 – Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
August 30 – Madison, WI @ Art In
August 31 – Chicago, IL @ Quenchers
September 1 – Louisville, KY @ Mag Bar, PRF BBQ
September 5 – Dallas, TX @ Trade Winds Social Club
September 6 – Austin, TX @ Beerland
September 7 – Las Cruces, TX @ Organ Mountain Outfitters
September 8 – Phoenix, AZ @ 51 West
September 9 – San Diego, CA Title TK
September 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell

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