We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Saferwaters’ debut EP Honestly (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on March 17th. The band comment on the EP:

“‘Honestly’ is a very special record to us for a number of reasons. These songs are the product of our band coming together for the first time and we believe this gave the EP a strong, raw, and untouched character. The heavy tones, aggressive punch, and drive behind these songs are heartfelt and pure. This, along with the lyrical content, makes ‘Honestly’ an EP to get lost in. The lyrics on the EP focus on the struggles of self-destruction and finding inner strength to resist unhealthy temptation. This concept is revealed through each track of the EP.”

About the band:

Saferwaters is a passion-driven, five-piece rock outfit hailing from St. Petersburg, FL. Founded in 2016, the band quickly found themselves in some of the most renowned venues in the Sunshine State. Following the success of their early shows and fervent requests from their fans, the band teamed up with producer Andrew Karpovck to begin the process of recording their first record.

The band’s first collection of songs, Honestly, is a raw five-track EP. The music and lyrics are deeply personal, drawing from the collective experiences of vocalist Liam Thomas, guitarist Dylan Rembert, guitarist Vinny Capitani, drummer Keith Thomas, and bassist Zachary Brooks. Besides connecting with the listener through lyrics that are at once profoundly intimate and universal, Saferwaters strives for sonic empathy. No matter what language you speak, you recognize what is being said, making “Honestly” a rather fitting title for the work.

Saferwaters plans to spend the rest of 2017 touring the US and writing new material for a full-length record. Be sure to stay updated on all social media outlets, and be on the lookout for upcoming Saferwaters shows in your town.

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