We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Salvation’s new album Sore Loser (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released on March 31st through Forge Again Records. You can purchase the album here.

Chicago’s Salvation brews together a strange mixture of sounds and genres in a bizarre yet strikingly inventive way. Noise rock, punk, and grunge are injected into both the vocals and the instruments that make up the band, swirling together to create a sound all its own. The band formed in 2013 and consists of longtime friends Jason Sipe (Vocals/Guitar), Victor Riley (Bass), and Santiago Guerrero (Drums).

The trio will be releasing a new album, Sore Loser, in March 2017 on Forge Again Records. Sore Loser, like Salvation’s prior 2015 release entitled Royal Fucks, was recorded completely live, showcasing the band’s raw fervor and painstaking attention to performance perfection and detail. Sipe’s vocals are raw and commanding, seeming to simultaneously invoke both power and pain. The rhythm section remains the sludgy yet strong backbone of the tracks. They drive each song forward as the vocals ebb, flow and meander throughout.

While Sore Loser is a great representation of energy and sheer musical force, it is merely the tip of the iceberg when compared to the band’s live performance. Salvation is a band not to be missed.


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